Luxury Villa's and Holiday Home in Koh Phangan

Are you looking for the perfect holiday rentals on Koh Phangan for your family or group of travellers? Would you like to sidestep any uncertainty about the quality of a rental or the disposition of a landlord that your risk when booking blindly?

We work with numerous property owners in order to offer you only the best rental homes and villas on Koh Phangan. Each property has been personally inspected and reviewed so that we are able to propose the best options for your needs and budget.

Rates on Villas for rent in Koh Phangan vary according to the season and length of stay. In most cases the prices compare to a similar hotel facility for the number of people however you get a totally different experience.

The Villas for rent are well maintained and taken care of. Some of the locations offer onsite personnel to assist with cleaning and cooking, while others will simply offer cleaning services if desired.

Whether you fancy a secluded private location in the jungle, prefer to rent a luxury villa on one of Koh Phangan’s nicest beaches or you only know that you’d like to gaze into magnificent sunsets each night, we can fulfill your holiday home vision. Just let us know what type of accommodation you desire and we will propose the best options available to you at affordable prices.

Please fill out the form below to inform us of your interest and we will get back to you within 72 hours with the best matching proposal.

Luxury Villa’s for rent In Koh Phangan:

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