Koh Phangan Long term house for rent

If you are looking for how to go about renting a house on Koh Phangan, you have found the right place! We can provide you with the most attractive available offers and all you have to do is choose whatever you like best.

The Koh Phangan House for rent market is booming these days. Compared to just a few years ago, there are now many high quality options to choose from. Most of the houses are studio’s and 1 Bedrooms but recently there are more and more bigger houses being built expanding the options for 2 and 3 bedroom house rentals as well.

Due to the variety of properties and their distinct locations, sometimes very difficult to access, finding a house for rent in Koh Phangan is not such an easy job. Mostly you will end up driving your motorbike for hours or even days looking for a place while your dream house was found in one of the unpaved turns you skipped. We know those spots!

Prices vary according to the size, location, time of the year and length of the stay. In addition to the rental price, most of the property owners charge the electricity bill separately due, for example, to unpredictable usage and higher energy costs depending how often the air-conditioning might be used. WiFi and water are usually included in the price.

You want a good deal for a quality, clean and affordable place and we will ease this task for you. Whether you are looking for short term or long term house rental, a location on the beach, jungle, mountains with sea view or a total private place with no one around you, we know it all.

Please fill in the contact form below with your requirements and we will get back to you with the best proposals.

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Long Term House Rentals in Koh Phangan:

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