Koh Phangan for Families

Koh Phangan is a GREAT family holiday destination!

Beaches – For much of the year many of Koh Phangan’s beaches are shallow and the water is calm. This of course depends on the season, but also depends on which part of the island you’re at. Generally the best swimming year round is on the sunrise side although there are great spots to be found on the sunset side as well. We can recommend you when and where to go.

Accommodation – Depending on preferences & budget, you can spend your holiday in a modern house in the jungle, a comfortable resort with high quality family or connecting rooms, or any of many types of bungalows on the beach. Contact us and we will list out the options for you!

Activities – Most kids will enjoy the beach and/or pool for most of the days. For the more adventurous, you can go elephant riding, snorkelling, kayaking, nature trekking, take a boat to deserted beaches, visit nearby waterfalls and many other possibilities. Lately there are various kids activities opening up such as rock climbing, playgrounds, waterparks, daily childcare and more.

Food – Although Thai food is often noted as one of the best in the world, not all kids, and even their adults will enjoy it for every meal. Unlike travelling in the countryside of Thailand, you’ll find a wide variety of foods on the island from Western and various other cultures around the world. Many thai restaurants serve some western food and there are also many international as well as vegan and vegetarian food restaurants. Whether you want a rack of BBQ ribs, an authentic Italian pizza, a vegan buffet or a green papaya salad with pickled crab in it, you’ll find something to satisfy the tastes of everyone in the family on Koh Phangan.
Transportation – Check our Car for rent page for the safest & easiest way to move around the island (Especially with children).

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