Most car rentals in Koh Phangan are not insured. At Car and Jeep rentals we offer 2 types of insurances to allow competitive rates and match our customer needs allowing us to keep the most competitive car rental prices in Koh Phangan:

  1. Basic Insurance: this is the compulsory Thai motor insurance with limited coverage for health injuries only. this coverage is included on all or our quotes.
  2. Full insurance: Proper rental car insurance from one of the most reputable insurance companies in Thailand. This policy Includes full coverage for the rental car and 3rd party, also covered are health insurances for all passengers (according to law) and passengers in the 3rd party if any. This Policy has a 12,000THB deductible fee collected only in case of damage and not in full (see details below).

As the most reputable car rental in Koh Phangan, for over 10 years we build a chain of reliable honest and efficient suppliers which allows us to repair any damage as quickly and efficiently as possible at competitive rates in Koh Phangan.

As opposed to common rumour about car rentals in Koh Phangan, we do not over charge for damages, we charge only our fixing costs + 1000THB service fee and rental days loss (if any).

For both insurance options, the cost for each damage will be determined based on the actual repair expenses rather than a fixed amount. The amount charged will depend on the specific damages incurred and the necessary repairs needed to repair the car.

More information about the basic insurance coverage can be found here



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